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21 June 2011 @ 02:08 am
[Fanficton] Strange Encounters  
Title: Strange Encounters
Pairing: Ruki/ Koda Kumi
Genre: fluff, crack
Warnings: none. Just some language.
Rating: PG
Format: one-shot
Word Count: 738
A/N: So the pairing is strange enough because I had this idea come to my mind when I was trying to sleep last night. It is a very short one shot filled with fluff and crack. This is my first the GazettE and Koda Kumi fanfiction so bear with me please :) 
Strange Encounters

He was so late to his next schedule. He was sure that Kai was going to have his ass for this. As the leader, Kai would complain about how irresponsible this was. He rolled his eyes before putting on his sunglasses and hurried out of the radio station. He had a recording and his next schedule involved all the members. They were probably waiting for him already.

It was not in his nature to be late but for some reason this radio recording had finished later than scheduled, so it was not completely his fault he thought to himself.

That was when he did not realize the person walking towards him and bumped into her. Normally he would show his manners and apologize but he had no time to waste so he continued to hurry off the building hoping that they woman would not complain.

Oi! Where do you think you are going?” He heard her voice to his dismay. Ruki let out a huge breathe. He was going to be a dead man by Kai later on.

You there, chibi! I’m talking to you.” She called him, with hands on her waists, tapping her feet furiously.

 He turned around slowly. What did she have just called him? No one dared to insult his height. This made him give his full attention towards that woman.

What did you just call me?” He did not have time for people like her.

How dare you walk away without even apologizing?!” she raised her voice, she hated guys like him who had no manners and thought that it was okay to be rude towards the opposite sex. Her feminist instincts were blaring with anger.

On the other hand Ruki would have apologized properly if she had not insulted him. This meant war in his mind.

“Look I don’t have time for this,” he rolled his eyes and tried to walk off.

“Oi! Do you know who I am?!” She shouted, more furious.

“Look here, you crazy bitch!” He said. Of course he knew who she was. But he regretted even thinking that she was pretty before. Her character was so messed up. “Let me tell you something. You never insult a person about their height.” Ruki said and regretted it when he heard her reply.

“Oooh did I touch a soft spot?” She said mockingly, but she was regretting saying it. She remembered how people used to mock her for her height in high school. “I- I apologize.” She suddenly said bowing her head a little to Ruki’s surprise.

Was this woman bipolar or something, he wondered. But he smiled at her, “Then, I’m sorry about not apologizing when I bumped into you.”He said and bowed a little in return.

“It’s oka-- Wait a second!” She said, why was he not apologizing about calling her a crazy bitch?! She was not crazy nor a bitch. What the hell?!

“What about calling me a cra-crazy bitch?!” Ruki smirked, she raised her eyebrow.

“I won’t apologize about stating the facts.”

“YAA!” She stomped her feet furiously.

“I was joking.” Ruki said, even though what he had said was half the truth. “I apologize about that as well.”

He was extremely amused by her, she was interesting. “I need to get to my next schedule but- Kumi-san why don’t you give me your number?” He asked suddenly. She was shocked that he knew who she was.

She eyed him curiously and crossed her arms across her chest. “Why?”

“To apologize for my rude actions earlier by taking you out for a dinner.” He smiled.

“Well then, Ruki-san.” She emphasized on his name and gave him her number even though she was still skeptical about his motives.

On the other hand he was a bit surprised that she knew his name. I guess the GazettE was really as famous as the others were claiming, he thought. This reminded him of his band members and how they were going to kill him later on. Well, maybe just maybe he thought he would be saved if he told them about this incident.

“I’ll call you later, so wait for my call,” he winked at her and left her standing in the middle of the lobby looking dazed.

Did he think that she would wait for him to call?! This was so unusual for her to be effected by a guy like this Koda Kumi reminded herself.



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Konikonicoffee on June 21st, 2011 09:08 am (UTC)
Aww. XD

But are you sure this is just a one-shot? It looks like a good beginning to something. ^^ anyways, this was cute. Yay crack pairing~! \o/
naito_cwcnaito_cwc on July 29th, 2013 06:19 pm (UTC)
Hmm, can I translate your fic on Russian? Thank. c: