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21 July 2010 @ 02:52 am
{Drabble} [SHINee] Dating an Idol has its Consequences  
Title: Dating an Idol has its Consequences 
Rating: PG
Member/Pairing:  Key/you
Warning:   English is not my native language.
Summary: After watching the lucifer MV I got inspired to write my first ever SHINee work ;)

Dating an Idol has its Consequences

Dating one of the most famous idols in the KPOP industry is never easy, especially if he works for a huge company like SM. It has its consequences. Rarely seeing him or not being able to go outdoors for a date are one of the smallest problems. Being the understanding girlfriend that you are, you don’t mind. It is his dream after all...
After their “Ring Ding Dong” promotions in other parts of Asia, he was finally back. You should be able to see him more now, right? But you can’t; because he needs to work on their new album.  At least you get to see him once a week, so that must be good.  And he texts you once a day, if his schedule isn’t too packed up, that is.
Learning about how the guy you love’s day has been from the internet instead of him, sucks. Having millions of girls and boys in love with your significant other sucks. Also having his stylists use him as an experiment piece and end up giving him the weirdest hairstyle ever sucks.
After such a long time you finally manage to see him properly; but you might die from a heart attack caused by what his stylists’ had done to him. Therefore one should always prepare themselves for what’s to come if you are dating an idol. Especially if you are dating Kim Kibum; not just any Kibum but the Almighty KEYbum. You wouldn’t want to die from a stroke or something, right? That would be too dramatic.
But then again, you can sit back, relax after getting out of shock, because after all the Kibum you are dating is not like the other Kibums. He is the almighty Key. With his diva-like attitude he can manage to pull of anything he gets turned into. No matter how ridiculous it might be, he can still manage to look sexy.


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