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12 May 2018 @ 06:59 pm

So I bought a new PC at the end of last year and because most new PCS (including mine) doesn't include a CD Drive I wasn't able to share my albums. I bought a bunch though and I just got news\ epcotia  and kattun's ask yourself so I borrowed my friends'  portable cd drive to rip them. I will post them sometime this week :)

As for dead links on my previous posts: If you downloaded the NEWS Concerts before and still have it please share mirror links with me. I dropped my external harddrive last year and it broke- causing me to lose all the dramas, concerts, etc etc i had been saving since 2009. I am still very sad about it. So if my links are dead I won't be able to upload it again. So if anyone has the files still please share it with the community.

Have a nice day,
Current Mood: annoyedannoyed
Current Music: king&prince- cindrella girl