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Here is a masterlist to make my shares a bit easier to go through.

Albums & DVDs I have uploaded:
News Koi wo Shiranai Kimi E Single + Music Video & Making
News Touch Single
Johnnys West Nawest Album
News Quartetto Album
News Emma Single
News Neverland Album
Arashi Are You Happy Album
NEWS Epcotia Album
KAT-TUN Ask Yourself Single + Music Video & Making

Newshfan Subbed Videos:

Newshfan All the Softsubs

Shounen Club 2000.04.09 First Episode Ever
Shounen Club 2004.08.01Kattun Summer Special
Shounen Club  2005.01.09 Theme Hope w/
Kattun and Kanjani8
Shounen Club 2005.04.03 Kame's Dokidoki
Shounen Club 2006.09.10
Inoo's Spirit ft GYM and Yamapi

Shounen Club Premium 2008.11.16 with Shige

NEWS Never Ending Wonderful Story Tour Concert
NEWS Pacific Concert
NEWS Dome Party LiveX3 2010 Concert
NEWS Diamond Concert
NEWS Unpluggled Live DVD
Tegomassu 1st Live Concert
Tegomassu no Mahou

Gifs and other edits by me (these are like really old stuff like from 6 yrs ago):
Gifs from NEWS Livex3 Concert
Beast & Super Junior Icons
SHINee Icons
MBLAQ & Big Bang Icons
Super Junior, NEWS and Kat-tun Icons
The Gazette, Big Bang, and NEWS Icons
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