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26 February 2020 @ 06:15 pm
Hello Everyone,
First and foremost, this is my personal LJ. I friendlock my posts usually within a week because of security reasons etc.
If you want to add me as a friend just add me and I will add you back. If I don't add you back within 24 hours please message me because it probably means my email ate the notification.

In this LJ I will be putting up random Johnnys uploads, mostly NEWS. I try to buy as much JE albums as  I can (although I mostly get NEWS and Johnny's West these days) so I will try to upload my purchases here.For my album uploads please don't share it everywhere, just link your friends back to this blog.

If the shared item is a subbed video, it is NEWSHFAN's subbed video. She stopped subbing back in 2011 and she was always okay with people sharing her videos and or uploading them on streaming sites etc. So do what you want wit these videos.
This is her OLD FAQ About it:

As I go through my harddrive if I come across one of those old but gold videos I try to upload them. Mirrors are always welcomed in my uploads.

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28 June 2017 @ 02:19 pm
So I just came back on here and see that the news mood gif set I used to use is gone T__T Tbh I forgot how to change them since the last time I did that was like in 2010 so if anyone knows where to find those JE themed moods again let me know. I went back to the default purple kittens for now. 
20 March 2017 @ 10:41 pm
My news neverland album shipped!!~ I did pick the cheapest shipping though so I probably wont get it for another 2 weeks but I will share it the second I receive it. It is the version with the DVD so expect that as well :)
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31 July 2016 @ 03:02 am
Here is a masterlist to make my shares a bit easier to go through.

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08 December 2014 @ 02:50 am
For some weird reason I only kept this in softsubs + raw format so here it is. If you have the right codecs and players downloaded the subs should look the way it is supposed to anyways. I think if you have vlc player you dont really need codecs anyways. This has been requested a few times already but i just managed to post it. Mega was being a butt and would not upload the raw videos. >.<

I have fixed the broken links. Mirrors are welcomed.
Disc 1 1.66 GB
Softsubs MEGA

Disc 2 1.42GB
Softsubs MEGA

Disc 3 1.22 GB
Softsubs  MEGA
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10 December 2011 @ 03:18 am

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21 June 2011 @ 02:08 am
Title: Strange Encounters
Pairing: Ruki/ Koda Kumi
Genre: fluff, crack
Warnings: none. Just some language.
Rating: PG
Format: one-shot
Word Count: 738
A/N: So the pairing is strange enough because I had this idea come to my mind when I was trying to sleep last night. It is a very short one shot filled with fluff and crack. This is my first the GazettE and Koda Kumi fanfiction so bear with me please :) 
"You there chibi! I'm talking to you"Collapse )


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09 March 2011 @ 11:22 pm
 I  made a few gifs from the NEWS DVD LIVE LIVE LIVE from their 2nd CD :)
It's been a long time since I made gifs  so I have no idea how these turned out....

 For the rest follow the cut!~Collapse )
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Title: Dating an Idol has its Consequences 
Rating: PG
Member/Pairing:  Key/you
Warning:   English is not my native language.
Summary: After watching the lucifer MV I got inspired to write my first ever SHINee work ;)
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Title: The Impasse of my Heart
Rating: PG
Member/Pairing:  Junhyung/Jiyoon
Author: Delikizzz
Warning:   English is not my native language.
Summary: She never would have thought she would fall for him. If she were to rank her relationship with B2ST members he would have come in last. Ever since they were trainees their conversation would not be more than a hello. Being a shy girl did not help their situation at all.
She was the "Charisma" of her group and so was he. He might not have been the first one to catch people's eyes but with his fierce attitude and charisma on stage one could not tear their eyes off of him. And that's how everything happened. Even though 4Minute had debuted before them, she started looking up to him since both of their roles in their groups were similar. However; she didn't think she would have these kinds of feelings for him; she had only seen him as a senior that she could look up to and learn from."So what the hell was wrong with me?"She thought to herself...

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